7 Things You Should Never Do When Hiring a Moving Company

There are several things you should not do when hiring a moving company. If you would like to learn more, you should click here.

Are you planning to move soon?

One major thing on your moving checklist is hiring a moving company. But sorting through the options can feel overwhelming.

Aren’t all moving companies similar?

They may seem like they all do the same thing, but moving companies can be very different in the quality of services they provide. Some companies also offer extra services that may come in handy.

Choosing the best option can make a difference in how safe your belongings are. It can also save you money by helping you avoid scams and avoiding damaged goods.

Keep reading to explore seven common mistakes people make when hiring a moving company.

  1. Not Checking Multiple Companies

    When you’re moving, you have a lot to do, so you may want to make decisions quickly.

    Picking a moving company isn’t a decision you should rush. Going with the first company you look at puts you at a disadvantage. You may get stuck with a low-quality mover.

    If you’ve never hired a moving company, you may not know what to look for in a quality mover.

    It’s best to contact at least three moving companies before making your decision. The pricing and processes can vary significantly between companies. The quality and care that companies put into their services also vary.

    Getting moving quotes from multiple companies lets you compare the details. You can see which company offers the best overall service.

  2. Not Researching the Company

    Moving companies can make themselves sound great, but some companies stretch the truth or make things up to make them sound better than they are. Doing research is crucial for finding the best movers.

    Search various online sources to look for ratings, reviews, and complaints about the company.

    The Better Business Bureau is a reliable source for complaints. Keep in mind that many companies have at least one or two complaints. Look for repeated complaints to identify a problem.

    People can leave ratings and reviews on business Facebook pages, so check there if the company is on the social media platform.

  3. Not Insisting on an In-Home Quote

    You can provide your home size and the type of furniture you have for a phone quote, but it won’t be as accurate as an in-home estimate. Relying on a phone or online quote increases the chances of a big surprise when you get the bill.

    Quality companies will come to your home to get you an accurate estimate. The company representative can see everything you plan to move.

    It also gives the representative a chance to see any potential difficulties that could increase the cost. That includes things such as steep stairs, difficult parking, and other things that make the move more difficult.

    Point out things that could be an issue for the movers to ensure the most accurate quote.

  4. Not Asking Questions

    A lot goes into moving, and you’ll likely have questions about the process. Don’t be afraid to ask moving companies those questions.

    It’s a good idea to have a standard set of questions to ask all the moving companies you’re considering. This might include things such as pricing, insurance, number of years in business, storage facility options, and whether or not they use subcontractors.

    If you’re unclear on how something works, ask for clarification. Getting the answers early on helps you avoid a potentially bad moving company.

  5. Only Using Price to Decide

    Moving to a new home is expensive. The average total cost of a move using a moving service is $6,276 in Canada.

    It’s natural to want to save money. But picking the cheapest moving company may cost you more in the end.

    The cheapest company may not be as reliable as other companies. They may take shortcuts or not know how to properly handle and secure your belongings. This can cause damage to your items.

    Some companies also lure you in with cheap rates only to add lots of high fees and extra costs. Ask all companies about the payment structure and any extra fees you may encounter.

    An estimate that’s only slightly cheaper than the other options may not be a big deal. But a company that’s significantly cheaper should be a red flag.

    Compare the moving cost estimates to check out the differences. If you notice price differences, look at what’s included for each company. Some may include additional services, which increases costs.

  6. Signing Agreements Without the Details

    Always know what you’re signing when agreeing to use a moving service. If you don’t understand the process or what’s included in the services, ask questions first.

    Never sign documents from your moving company if they’re blank or have missing information. Trustworthy companies will complete the paperwork completely before asking you to sign it.

    If you sign a blank document, the company can fill in the blanks later with any information they want. Your signature is on the document, so you’re responsible for whatever it says, even if the info was added later.

  7. Not Planning Ahead

    You have a lot on your moving to-do list, but don’t put off hiring a mover.

    Waiting too long means you’ll likely rush your decision, which may land you with a low-quality moving company. You’ll have less time to fully analyze the options.

    Last-minute bookings may limit the options that are available. Many of the highest-quality companies will likely be booked already. You’re stuck with whichever companies are left.

    If you’re moving during a busy time, you’re more likely to have trouble finding a quality company.

    You may also have to pay more for a move that’s close.

    Start researching your moving company options at least 6 weeks before the move. If you’re moving during a busy time, such as summer or the end of the month, starting sooner gives you more choices.

Hiring a Moving Company

Before hiring a moving company, do your research to ensure you’re entrusting your stuff to a reliable business. Give yourself extra time to research moving companies to avoid a scam or a low-quality companies.

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