Breaking Barriers For Growth With Interest Free BP Loan

Metropolitan Movers has always strived to take the utmost care of its employees, treating each as a member to our team and like we would a family member. We don’t overlook the achievements of those who make our performance stand out. With this in mind, we’ve sought to introduce a way to promote talented, devoted employees and to provide them with the resources they need to meet their full potential.

Introducing the BP Interest-Free Loan, this is a way to allow our brightest minds to advance in their careers. Develop your own future while helping us develop ours. This loan is a way to start your own business in Canada without being limited by a lack of financial resources. It’s a franchise opportunity in Canada interest-free, available to dedicated employees who want something more. Through a BP Interest-Free Loan from Metropolitan Movers, you can begin building your own business while continuing to contribute as a key team member.

As a successful moving company in Canada offering services nationwide, we want to give back and help our top performers find the financial independence they deserve. Since 2010, we’ve believed people to be our greatest asset which is why, as a company, we work so hard to support our employees. For those who are willing to put in the work and who’ve helped our company deliver a strong performance, we are committed to rewarding and promoting them. For prospective franchisees looking for the perfect opportunity in Canada, the BP Interest-Free Loan can be a gateway into financial success at low-risk.

A Little Bit about the BP Interest-Free Loan

In 2019, Metropolitan Movers established the Buzaker-Presman Interest-Free Loan or BP Interest-Free Loan for short. Named after our founders Roman Buzaker and Benny Presman, this is an offer of financial support meant to assist dedicated Metropolitan Movers employees and partners who want to grow with us. There is now nothing stopping our top leaders from becoming owners of their own franchises on designated sites across Canada. Investing in yourself, it can be scary carrying the risk. Let us help you achieve results we know you’re capable of.

A BP Interest-Free Loan helps to remove barriers which normally would prevent someone from buying into and opening a franchise location. Through this 0% interest loan for Canadian franchisees, you have the opportunity to establish a small business with no limit to your success. Metropolitan Movers wants to be the leading moving services provider in North America and although we are well on our way there, we need more franchisees willing to take a chance on themselves. This interest-free loan for a moving company will help you and help us, as we work together to maximize our collective success.

Where to Find Franchise Financing in Canada

Franchising in Canada can be as expensive as starting your own business. As with starting any business, there are costs associated with registering it, acquiring and renting the real estate, purchasing necessary equipment and inventory, and we haven’t even discussed the marketing costs.

When you franchise, these costs are primarily all things which need to be covered by the franchise. The BP Interest-Free Loan is a way for us to assist the most determined of our employee base grow their personal wealth and acquire a business without having to spend years saving money or having to use a bank loan.

The biggest barrier to starting a franchise in Canada is financial. For exceptional leaders, we want to make it easier to acquire. We value the personal characteristics of the individual and are willing to support the right people financially achieve their goals if it means growth for them and our company.

Regarding the BP Interest-Free Loan, there are already franchisees who have received this interest-free loan and who now successfully run their own companies in Canada. This wouldn’t have been possible before the BP Interest-Free Loan was established.

How the BP Interest-Free Loan for franchising works is simple. The franchise fee is paid out in installments, rather than having to manage the expense upfront. As stated, there is 0% interest meaning you don’t pay a cent over the agreed upon fee between franchisor and franchisee.

Although the BP Interest-Free Loan is open to internal stakeholders, such as employees, the program does accept external prospects as well. To qualify, a credit application will have to be completed in addition to an interview with our financial manager.

Reasons why Canadians Become Franchisees with Metropolitan Movers

Opening your own franchise, there are less risk and more reward. For Canadians who want to increase their income and arrive at financial independence in middle-class living, there are many reasons why they choose to franchise a moving company with Metropolitan Movers.

  • You start with a turnkey business ready to provide a financial return from day 1.
  • You receive the Metropolitan Movers name, brand, and services allowing you to capitalize on a built-in audience and infrastructure already established.
  • You get to start a Canadian business under a proven business model with significant financial support behind you on a BP Interest-Free Loan.
  • You receive ongoing support from our management team who are always ready to answer questions, arrange training, foster internal growth, and assist with marketing.
  • Unlike other franchise opportunities where you have to finance the start-up costs, usually using a bank loan to do so, through Metropolitan Movers, you receive a loan with no interest which is easy to pay off and set up on a comfortable schedule ensuring you can reap the rewards of your hard work as soon as you start making sales.

A little about Benny Presman

Benny Presman was one of the founders of Metropolitan Movers. Since 2010 when the company was founded as a moving broker to what it is now, Benny has successfully led our business through the challenges and barriers of arriving at where we are today. Benny was also the initiator of the Metropolitan Movers franchising concept which makes him forever interconnected with our story. His decision to the franchise was crucial to creating a Canada-wide recognized moving company.

A little about Roman Buzaker

Roman Buzaker is not a name which can be forgotten, as it relates to where Metropolitan Movers came from. Roman laid the foundation for the business, creating and bringing up a recognized Canada moving company leader in just eight years’ time. Roman also designed and has overseen our unique marketing and sales system. Today, his name is well recognized for the innovation he’s contributed to Canadian moving companies. Alongside Benny Presman, Roman Buzaker’s just as important to the story of Metropolitan Movers and we pay tribute to both with the BP Interest-Free Loan.

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