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How to Choose the Best Storage Units During Your Move

During a move, you may need to temporarily move some items into a storage unit. All storage units are different. Here’s how to choose the best storage units.

Looking for storage units to keep your items while you’re moving?

There will come a time when you need to move for different reasons. To be closer to your workplace, have a better home, and move in with your significant other are the most common reasons for someone to move. Regardless of the reason, though, you always need to rent a storage unit for your property.

Some items are too bulky to fit in your new place. You must find the best storage units to hold them for you while you sort everything out in your new place. What makes a storage unit the best one for you, though?

Among the predictions for the self-storage industry is an online storage search. This makes it easier to get a unit but may not meet your needs. Read on instead to know what to look for when looking at storage units.

  1. Storage Security
    The first thing you need to look into is the security of your chosen storage company. The best storage units will have top-notch security to keep your items safe from theft. You will see if a storage company is serious about security the moment you visit their base of operations.

    Notice if there are any cameras or gates when you first visit. These are basic features that give a significant increase to the security of a storage facility. This often increases the price of having something stored in their facility.

    The fewer features a company has, the less you’ll spend on storing your items there. The money you save won’t cover for anything that gets stolen, though. Consider this when a bare-bones facility offers you a great rate for the unit you want to rent.

    It also helps when an on-site manager greets you when you visit. This means that their facility has someone watching over it. On-site personnel will ensure that no one suspicious approaches their facility.

  2. Flexibility
    You never know how long your storage term will last. You can find that you must get your items earlier than expected. When this happens, you want to have someone on-site to let them know about the early egress.

    This makes it important to find a facility that has employees on-site 24/7. A facility with no employees may mean that you can’t find anyone at the end of your term. This can cause you to pay for another term.

    Some managers make you pay the full price even if you extend for only 1 day. This makes it important to have a contract instead. This allows you to have more flexibility for your short-term storage.

    It also allows you to have an easier transition towards a month-to-month rental basis. This happens when you need to extend your storage because of unforeseen circumstances. You will want a flexible storage facility to accommodate for your sudden change in plans.

  3. Proximity to Your Home
    Whether it’s the old or new one, you want a storage unit that’s close to your home. This will make it easier for you to reach the unit when you need to take something out. This factor is more important than most people give it credit for.

    Imagine a scenario where you need to spend 15 minutes to get something from your unit. You then spend 15 more minutes to drive back home. This already costs you at least 30 minutes of doing nothing but driving.

    Considering the time it takes for you to look for what you need from your storage, it can mean that you waste more time by being farther away. Living closer to your chosen unit will save you more time than you realize.

    Hiring a moving company also helps you plan a simpler move. Managing them and your items will be easier when you live closer to a storage facility.

  4. The Space of the Unit
    You should always check the size of the storage unit before you sign anything. Making sure it fits what you need to store is the first rule of renting storage units. Having a unit too small can cause you to rent another unit, costing you more along the line.

    Some people go to another storage unit because the facility doesn’t have another unit available. To prevent this from happening to you and to cut self-storage costs, organize the way you store your items.

    Knowing how to be efficient in storing your items can condense the space occupied by your current items. This can help you store more items in the same unit that you thought was full.

  5. Accessibility
    Accessibility is another important element in storage units. You never know when you need something you stored on the same day. Renting in a facility that’s open for 24 hours a day will solve this problem.

    Accessibility also refers to your ability to reach the place with no trouble. Having an accessible facility will mean it will be easier for you to store your items there. It will also make it easier for the movers to go to and from the facility with your property in tow.

    A facility that needs you to climb up a hill can be detrimental to your moving efforts. It can cause your items to jostle around in the vehicle. You also want to have the storage unit close to the vehicle drop-off.

    This will make it easier for you to carry your items to and from your vehicle. It will also save you time and energy while you’re moving them.

  6. Unit Amenities
    The last thing to consider is the storage amenities you need for your property. This is an important element if your items demand some maintenance. These items include electronics, antiques, or anything that can degrade in hot or cold temperatures.

    You want a storage facility that offers temperature control and drying methods. This will protect your property from any damage from condensation.

Choose Among the Best Storage Units Today

With more storage units popping up all over the country, it’s tough to choose one for your items. Learn how to choose the best storage units and store your items in them today!

Are you ready to move out of your home? Make sure you check everything in this moving checklist to ensure you forget nothing!

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