Origin and Destination Services for Other Agents

Metropolitan Movers extends a comprehensive suite of origin and destination services tailored to support international moving companies and agents. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless transition for your clients, ensuring every aspect of the move is handled with precision and care. Below, we detail our capabilities and offerings in this domain

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Origin and Destination Services for Other Agents Canada

Destination Services (Incoming/Import to Canada)

Receiving and Inland Transportation:

We manage the efficient reception of cargo, covering all ports, airports, and key points of entry into Canada. Our expertise ensures responsible cargo management, whether it involves Full Container Loads (FCL), Less than Container Loads (LCL), or Air Freight. Our logistics team coordinates the inland transportation, guaranteeing that your clients' belongings are delivered safely and on schedule.

Customs Clearance:

Our team possesses deep knowledge of Canadian customs procedures, offering expert guidance to streamline the import process. We handle the complex aspects of customs clearance, ensuring all legal and regulatory requirements are met without delay. Our in-house customs brokerage service adds an extra layer of efficiency, particularly for household goods and personal effects.

Unloading and Unpacking:

Upon arrival, shipments are handled with utmost care. Our services include the careful unloading of containers, lift-vans, and pallets, followed by meticulous unpacking. Recognizing diverse client needs, we offer customizable unpacking solutions, allowing for either complete or partial unpacking based on the client's preference and budget.

Final Touch:

The relocation journey concludes with the removal of unpacking debris and the assembly of furniture, as needed. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the new residence is neat, welcoming, and ready for the client to inhabit. We take pride in leaving a lasting positive impression, emphasizing comfort and satisfaction.

Origin Services (Outgoing/Export from Canada)

Survey, Estimate, and Inventory:

Our process begins with a detailed assessment of the client's moving needs. This can be conducted virtually or in person, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the scope. A transparent estimate is provided, alongside a detailed inventory, laying the groundwork for a well-organized move.

Loading Services:

We adhere to the highest standards in cargo preparation for international shipping. Our experienced team ensures that all items are securely loaded into containers, lift-vans, or pallets, prioritizing safety and security throughout the transit process.

Professional Packing Service:

Leveraging high-quality materials and advanced packing techniques, we offer professional packing services designed to protect your clients' belongings against the rigors of international shipping. Each item is packed with care, ensuring its integrity upon arrival.

Ocean, Air, or Road Freight Options:

To accommodate a range of shipping needs and preferences, we provide multiple freight options, including sea, air, and road transportation. Our logistics team expertly manages container logistics from booking to return, ensuring a smooth transition for every shipment.

Insurance Coverage and Protection:

We understand the importance of peace of mind during the moving process. That's why we offer comprehensive insurance options, covering a wide range of potential risks and scenarios. Our team works closely with clients to choose the best insurance package, ensuring adequate protection for their valued possessions.

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