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Embark on your journey from Canada to Portugal with Metropolitan Movers, where seamless transitions meet expert moving solutions. As distinguished members of the International Association of Movers and the International Moving Alliance, we commit to delivering superior moving services, ensuring your relocation to Portugal, including the Azores Islands, is executed with the utmost care and precision.

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Why Portugal?

Portugal beckons with its stunning coastal vistas, historic cities, and warm, welcoming culture. From the vibrant streets of Lisbon and Porto to the serene Algarve coast and the lush landscapes of Madeira, Portugal offers a diverse and enriching lifestyle. The Azores Islands, an archipelago of unparalleled natural beauty, offer a unique destination within Portugal for those seeking tranquility and connection to nature.

Our company specializes in facilitating relocations from cities across Canada to various destinations in Portugal. With our comprehensive range of services, including expert packing, secure transportation, efficient loading and unloading, and assistance with customs clearance, we ensure a seamless and stress-free moving experience for our clients. Whether you’re moving to the vibrant streets of Lisbon, the historic charm of Porto, the serene Algarve coast, or the lush landscapes of Madeira, our team is dedicated to providing the support and assistance you need to settle into your new home in Portugal smoothly. Additionally, for those seeking a tranquil retreat or a closer connection to nature, the Azores Islands offer unparalleled beauty and a unique destination within Portugal. Let us take care of the logistics so you can focus on embracing the warm, welcoming culture and diverse lifestyle that Portugal has to offer.

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Customized Moving Services from Canada to Portugal

Our door-to-door moving services are tailored to meet every requirement of your relocation to Portugal or the Azores Islands:

Packing & Preparation

Packing & Preparation:

Our skilled team uses top-quality materials to pack and prepare your belongings, ensuring their safety throughout the journey.

International Shipping

International Shipping:

We manage all aspects of your items’ transportation, including comprehensive paperwork and customs clearance, for a stress-free relocation to Portugal.

Settling in Estonia

Settling in Spain:

Through our esteemed network of local partners, we ensure the careful handling of your belongings upon arrival, aiding a smooth transition to your new home, whether on the mainland or the Azores.

Certifications and Memberships:

We partner with premier local specialists in Portugal, ensuring impeccable execution throughout your move. Each collaborator is chosen for their expertise and track record of success, offering you reassurance at every stage of your relocation journey.

Shipping Options from Canada to Portugal

For your move to Portugal, Metropolitan Movers offers a range of shipping options tailored to fit your needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient relocation.

air freight

Air Freight:

Ideal for quickly transporting essential items to Portugal, including the Azores, ensuring prompt arrival.


Less than Container Load (LCL):

A cost-effective solution for smaller shipments, sharing container space to reduce costs.


Full Container Load (FCL):

Suitable for larger moves, providing a dedicated container for the privacy and security of your possessions.

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance Aid

Our team assists with customs clearance, ensuring your belongings comply with regulations for a hassle-free international relocation.

Specialized Packing:Crating

Packing Services (Full/Partial)

Choose from full or partial packing services, where our professionals will carefully pack your items to ensure they are protected during transit.

Moving to the Azores Islands

The Azores Islands offer a unique moving experience with specific considerations:

  • Specialized Logistics: Due to their remote location, moving to the Azores requires specialized logistics planning. We ensure your belongings are transported safely and efficiently to the islands.

  • Local Expertise: Our local partners in the Azores have the expertise to navigate the specific requirements and logistics of island relocations, ensuring your move is smooth and hassle-free.
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Commitment to Excellence

Choosing Metropolitan Movers for your move to Portugal or the Azores Islands means selecting a partner dedicated to ensuring a seamless and stress-free moving experience. We’re here to facilitate every step of your relocation, from packing to final delivery.


    Q&A for Moving from Canada to Portugal

    We’ll help you select based on the volume of goods, timeline, and budget, ensuring the best fit for your relocation needs.

    Necessary documents include your passport, detailed inventory list, Bill of Lading/Air Waybill, and a customs declaration form. We’ll guide you through the entire process.

    Yes, vehicle shipping services are available. We’ll provide detailed information on the requirements and assist you through the process.

    Certain items may be restricted or prohibited. We’ll inform you of specific regulations to ensure your shipment complies with local laws.

    Air freight typically takes 3-5 days, while ocean freight can take 20-35 days. We’ll offer an estimated delivery timeline based on your chosen method.

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